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Our background has led us to consider residential comfort, kitchen and living, outdoor living and agri-business our preferred fields of action.

In these fields, technology and design, functionality and robustness, product customisation and genuineness need to come together and interact to ensure that awareness, attention and expertise provide consumers with a satisfying experience.

comfort residenziale


Auxiliary heating products, lighting, furnishing accessories, home automation and ventilation.

This sector has distinct key market trends in common: individualism, energy efficiency, ongoing research focused on health and wellbeing. Within these trends, design, performance and smart and easy interfaces need to be bundled with compliance with sustainability and require awareness and expertise in order to meet the requirements of customisation.



Food preparation products, cooking systems, built-in and freestanding household appliances, serving equipment, cookware, chillers and preservation systems.

The products in this sector are heavily influenced by lifestyles, tastes, the increasing need to reconfigure living spaces, a focus on enhancing and preserving flavours, genuineness, hygiene, harmony, creativity, and pleasure-giving materials. They are developed in close contact with Architects, Designers, Material Experts, Chefs, Sensorial Experts and require an aptitude to work in coordinated and open-minded multi-disciplinary teams.



Systems for food preparation, cooking, washing, preservation and distribution.

The Italian food & beverage industry has a great reputation because, in the related chain, excellent innovation and product engineering skills focus on the specific segments and niches that play a key role in the market. The industry is experiencing further upheaval due to its efforts to absorb dominant lifestyles related to customised tastes, the pursuit of genuineness, the move away from non-standard products, and an awareness of sustainability. Last but not least, it is strongly attracted by the challenge of aesthetic appeal and stylish design from the residential sector.



Cookers, BBQs, Ovens, Skillets, Fireplaces and accessories.

Nowadays, the freedom of outdoor living, close to nature but with the comfort and convenience of the home as the best way to share and enjoy life with your family and friends, is highly appealing to a growing community of consumers who are increasingly attracted by the concept of show cooking. In addition, outdoor living is an area where the sustainability ethic is now receiving a positive response thanks to innovation and blue economy solutions, and where new design has arrived with a young dynamic character to change the casual paradigms of the past. It is no exaggeration to say that Outdoor living has become as demanding as the Kitchen & Living sector and as professional as the HoReCa sector but it is capable of dreaming and going far, and needs to be understood.



Equipment for cultivation, precision agriculture, and the fruit and vegetable sector.

Quality, genuineness and flavours come from nature and are all expertly developed by the passionate hands of farmers. However, they also need to be protected, enhanced and expressed in the chain of processes, which span from cultivation, to distribution, preparation and the consumer’s table. All the processes in the agri-business chain are subject to the same demand for excellence that reached the table some years ago. The fusion of culture and sensitivity among consumers, equipment producers and the cultivation-distribution-preservation sector is fully pervasive. The sharing of experiences, trends, innovative ideas and professionalism sourced from the preceding areas can contribute to fertilizing humus with true organic ingredients.


We target brands, medium and medium-small businesses offering new systems and creation looking to enter European markets and major emerging markets (Africa, South America, Iran, the Middle East and Australia).

We are passionate about promoting medium to high-end products, which are sustainable, ready to make their mark and reach end consumers with a mind set on genuine, new and sustainable solutions