KLEOS operates in four areas of expertise that continuously interact and dialogue. We coordinate professionals and nurture skills to achieve the targets set by our partners.

sviluppo del business e dei mercati


We build up the strategy, establish development agents, and identify and open up the most relevant trade channels to suit the business.


More specifically we:


  • Establish S&Mktg&Log operations in new markets
  • Start themed Suites of Brands
  • Set up Single Brand Internationalization Projects
  • Act as an exclusive Trade Partner


We establish connecting networks among specialists, assist companies with their M&A projects, and give our support in managing integration, re-organisation and re-structuring stages.


In short, we control the processes involved in the following major transformation stages:


  • Cluster formation
  • Repositioning, Restructuring, Re-starting
  • M&A post integration
  • From market analysis to identifying opportunities
  • Defining and shaping the strategy including go-to-market development
  • From the Strategy to the Business Plan and its roll-out

agenti di trasformazione


We help start-ups and accelerators to launch their innovative products and access new markets.


More specifically we:


  • Develop ideas/projects and their structuring throughout the TTM period
  • Give our support in product engineering stages and in establishing a manufacturing network
  • Widen the Business Partner network
  • Work towards launching a product on the market

promotori d'innovazione
marketing comunicazione


Starting with a review of strategic marketing, we reshape the company’s Business Plan for re-allocation into new market segments.


We operate on four pillars:


  • From market research to defining opportunities
  • Defining and modelling the Strategy
  • Implementing the Product Development Plan and its PJM
  • Go-to-market development and coordination of the Marketing Plan